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Do you have your older consoles?

I still have my NES and SNES, no gameboy any more though. SNES still sees some play too.
I have an NES, SNES a few 64s and a  sega dream cast, I play super marios still  Big Grin
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(09-15-2014, 04:54 PM)Spartan Wrote: I have an NES, SNES a few 64s and a  sega dream cast, I play super marios still  Big Grin

I have my Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and regular Nintendo as well. My Sega Genesis I believe is still in a closet somewhere in my mother's house. I still have Goldeneye64 for the Nintendo 64. It is still the best first person shooter to ever come out on console. Smile
I still have my faithful snes, I sometimes play F-Zero and Super Mario World on it. it can glitch at times but still provides nostalgia and fun! Sadly my dreamcast broke and hasn't worked ever since  Sad .
F-Zero! That game was the joint back in the day. I can still hear the catchy music in my head. Smile

I can also hear the original Donkey Kong from the SNES. I sometimes download the soundtrack and listen to it.

I also have the soundtrack from Tekken 1! LOL.
I still have my N64, SNES and NES, but my SNES is really sketchy nowadays. I've been looking into getting a retro duo console to let me play all those old games without emulating.
Yep, I still have my NES, SNES, Gamecube, N64 and a couple GB's too. A few are still hooked up too.
[Image: livingdealgirl_by_sarahkik-d60wqn4.png]
[Image: wrtwdaff2.gif]
Yes, I have all of my old consoles still! I think the PS1 and the handhelds are the only ones that are away/in storage, but my video game center has my N64, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Gamecube and Nintendo all set up. And then my 3DS is always at hand (and my DS, so I can play the GBA games.)
No I don't have an older console.

[Image: 12193627_10206286190607402_4930649158461...e=576220A4]
We have a NES and a PS2. We also have a SNES and N64. They are broken, though. We don't have the heart to throw them out until we are sure they can be fixed. I would still have my Atari if it hadn't been stolen. Does the PS3 count as an old console? Smile

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