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Do you have your older consoles?

The only older console I have right now is my Xbox 360 and in fact I got two of those, that was a very fine piece of hardware, a very fine console where I could play really good quality games; quality has almost vanished nowadays because devs are more focused on making money and ripping people off.
I bought a used N64 last year for $200 dollars from this store in a mall that I went to. Decent ones are hard to come by. I also found so many games and they each were more than $20 dollars a pop, which was out of line for me.

I found out recently that I can buy this game cartridge and load all types of roms on to it and play them threw the N64 instead of using my PC. I want it bad now. I have all types of N64 roms.
I have an old PSone, it's looking like new, but I actually have to calibrate the lens in order to make it work and it's really annoying , but I still use it when I really want to play some of my favorite games.
I recently picked up a Ps2 to play all the games I grew up with, such as Golden Eye, Mercenaries, and the Warriors.
Only old consoles I still have now are the PS2 and N64, and the Wii if it's considered old now.
Handhelds I still have a GBA & GBA SP, NDS, and PSP.

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