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Customize Your Facebook Profile Banner
Even though Google Plus is making a lot of noise right now, let's not immediately forget good old Facebook. The current version allows you to do pretty things on your profile, with the main photo and the five others above your little biography. Only, it is not always easy to achieve! The FBCrop site offers you to very easily create a personalized banner for your Facebook profile, with the photo you want to add.

It will automatically be cut into a large photo and 5 other smaller ones, Business Phone List which will be positioned appropriately without your intervention. All you have to do is choose an image present on your computer, then move and resize the preview window to obtain the desired cutout. Be careful to move the window, and not your image. you will also have to be careful to select the number of lines that appear between your name and the 5 photos on your Facebook profile.

For example, with my favorite demotivational poster. Then, all that remains is to download the photos obtained, either manually by retrieving them and then adding them one by one to your Facebook profile, or by uploading them automatically via FBCrop. This is by far the simplest solution, and one that works very well. There you go, your profile banner is in place! Other services also allow you to create a personalized profile banner, in a more or less complex way. You should find your happiness!

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