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Do you buy games even if they are not on Steam?

I know that the super hardcore steam users will not buy games if they are not on steam. for me, it doesn't really matter I will buy games on any platform. I just set the game launcher to not run in the background. I have games on Origin, Epic, Steam, and GOG. How about you? Do you buy games even if they are not on Steam?
I mostly stick to steam as I don't really like having games spread throughout different platforms, but obviously, if the game isn't on steam then depending on how good the game is ill usually buy it.
Honestly no, but to be honest it's habit more than anything else. I've nothing really against the other platforms, and it's not even an issue of not wanting to switch between programs because I do actually have a program (Gamehub) that links my steam & emulation library into one place, but I still always opt to launch Steam instead of that.

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