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How often you use Facebook?

How often do you use Facebook?
I check my facebook at least 5 times a day, although I don't really post much on it.
I don't post much, but it is useful for family and friends abroad. I check a couple of times a day. I can go without it for days though others expect me to be on!
I deleted my Facebook because of the immense amount of drama.
I check it a few times every day, but I don't really share statuses anymore. I lost interest.
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Honestly I don't use Facebook as much as I used to anymore. I used to use both Facebook and Twitter quite a bit, but it seems now I hardly use them at all. I don't know if it's just because I'm getting bored of them, or what. I just don't really use it anymore. Every now and again I might see what's on the Timeline, but that's about it.
I check it most days but don't really do much on it.
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I used to check on my facebook account like every day but in the last year it has gone down to like once a month or when I want to contact a friend. Facebook has just got boring to me and now I prefer twitter for social media interaction.
When I first started Facebook it was simply to reconnect with old friends. After a while it got to where I was only using it to play games. Then came my iphone where I could get an app for those same games. They are linked to Facebook but it's optional. So I really have no need for Facebook anymore but I still keep my account active so that I can use it if I want to.
I don't post on my Facebook profile anything and I usually don't do a lot of stuff on it which most of the people do. I use facebook only for the personal messages which I send to my friends all over the world and for some projects for work or school. Therefore I'm on Facebook usually in the evening when all of my friends have time to talk, some of them are not online at the time, but I stay up long enough so that they get online.

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