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Zombie Apocalypse! What is your weapon

This forum game is quite simple,
Look to your right and whatever you see is your
Weapon for the zombie apocalypse.

Ill start,
My weapon is: A computer mouse :/
" I am God "
[Image: God-Sig_zps440d058d.png]
A packet fuck...
I got a fan. Maybe I'm not totally screwed.
A box of Frosted Flakes.. Good thing I can run fast.
[Image: Jf7LXhH.png]
Xbox one controller, I guess I could find a way to make a robot or something and use the controller as a control pad... or just throw it. I'd probably die. :/
Xbox one , ill just swing it by the wires and hope for the best haha
My remote controller. I'm so screwed.
a spazz 12 or a glock. (I always have guns next to me)
(05-03-2014, 10:41 PM)DiamondCoding Wrote: a spazz 12 or a glock. (I always have guns next to me)

Are you being serious? You actually always have a gun next to you?
If I'm not mistaken DimondCoiding is a Military Police member

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