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[Android] [Free] Running Rich Racing - kart racing

Hi, we're a small indie dev team, Competition Interactive.
We just released our tournament based mobile kart racing game, Running Rich Racing.

iOS App Store:
Samsung Store:
Android and Press Kit:

The game has free-play tournaments and Esports style real money tournaments using the Skillz platform.
9 Characters to choose from, 6 fun Tracks to race on, and 9 Power-ups to help you win races.
We would also appreciate any feedback or suggestions you have.

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: RR_Racing_Poster_640.jpg]
Hi everyone, I just wanted to show off gameplay from a lighting update we just made to one of the race tracks for Running Rich Racing, We're going to make updates every week, so if you have some feedback, we can get changes into the next build. 
New Update this week, v1.7.9. You can see it all in action from the gameplay video.
Higher Texture resolutions, new animations for the tracks, cars and characters.
Touch Joystick controls and Tilt Controls were added to the settings menu.
Power-ups that do damage to cars, now have less of a speed penalty.
We polished up the Character Selection, Loading, Settings menu, and End of Race screens.

We also got approved for the Apple App Store!

New Update coming next week,
Today we are highlighting the improved Music, Voice Overs and SoundFX Quality for our next game update.

(08-11-2021, 10:33 PM)RQuinones84 Wrote: New Update coming next week,
Today we are highlighting the improved Music, Voice Overs and SoundFX Quality for our next game update.

Looks pretty fun gonna check it out after work today!
<p>Tons of new features are now in the game.

You can now play in Portrait or Landscape during races.
Enabled 60 fps, 120 fps and 165 fps framerates.
Track Name, Items and Personal Record are displayed after races.
Lowered drift time requirements to do a boost.
Improved the Quality of Shadows.
Improved the Quality of Audio.
Removed extra bass from Audio.
Fixed Audio Mute options.
Fixed iPhone Tilt controls.</p>
Brand new Update includes:
New higher quality Voice-overs.
Higher texture resolution on characters.
Real time spotlights added in dark areas and night tracks.
Characters can now be rotated when selecting them, with a nice reflective floor.
Added artist tuned LUT post effect per track.
Added Dynamic Resolution Scaling to 80% to help framerate loss.
Audio now properly uses Stereo settings for surround sound.
Fixed Music muting after the first race.
Added instructions to the car select and loading screens.

[Image: v210_CarSelect.jpg] [Image: v210_Track1.jpg] [Image: v210_Track2.jpg]
I just made a new video showing off the graphics quality and new voice overs.


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