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  1. Uncrowned Guard

    Anyone playing Halo Infinite?

    We play it every few months and it has gotten better, but the community is dead and the game still feels empty and missing all the good content.
  2. Uncrowned Guard

    Talking with friends while playing?

    We have a small Discord and get together at times to chat and game.
  3. Uncrowned Guard

    Do you use 12 hours or 24 hours format?

    Generally 24 hour time, but I switch around all the time.
  4. Uncrowned Guard

    Your favourite forum software?

    For purely a forum, Xenforo would be my pick. IPS 5 is looking like it might dethrone XF soon, however.
  5. Uncrowned Guard


    Welcome @Hulk !
  6. Uncrowned Guard

    Have you ever made money with your graphics skills?

    I can barely save money by not needing an artist for every graphic I need lol. Although I feel like I could probably pull off some basic Photoshop edits and touchups at this point, but the incentive for me to even try is pretty small.
  7. Uncrowned Guard

    Freezing temperatures

    Been down to around 0F here (or -17C) for the week with a significant wind chill and icy rain/snow. So not great.
  8. Uncrowned Guard

    Do you use VPN?

    Every now and then I will use one to test my sites in other areas or if a performance issue is reported, but that is pretty rare. The choice to trust my data with my ISP vs the VPN company isn't a great debate as most VPNs end up folding and showing how they just store the same data anyway when...
  9. Uncrowned Guard

    Bad music

    I really don't know if there are any genres that I would truly say are bad simply due to the genre style. Granted I have not listened to them all, in fact probably not even the majority once you get deep into the rabbit hole.
  10. Uncrowned Guard

    MW3 Shipmas & hangover

    I think I missed all the Christmas stuff lol.
  11. Uncrowned Guard

    Anyone still plays on the DS?

    I actually never played it to begin with. The Gameboy Color was my last handheld.
  12. Uncrowned Guard

    Do you remember the first website you ever created?

    It was The Great Zone on IB.Free and did quite well for a site with zero goals or purpose. All I have today is what I believe was the top site list banner.
  13. Uncrowned Guard

    What is your favourite sport to play?

    It was always American football. I also quite enjoyed basketball and basketball had really taken over as I get older and the last time I played in a football league I was in my late 20s and tore a rotator cuff.
  14. Uncrowned Guard

    Android or iOS?

    That is true, but essentially taking a loan out for a phone still seems crazy for me. Especially since all of my daily phone usage can be done on a sub $500 phone. Granted price is relative to the buyer, but one major factor that I always hold to is that I would never carry around $1000 on my...
  15. Uncrowned Guard

    Android or iOS?

    I find them to be pretty similar at this point with little advantage to go either route. iOS does seem to offer better stability and efficiency, but is locked to the Apple ecosystem for a lot of those perks. However I stock with Android as I don't have any use case to justify spending $1000+...
  16. Uncrowned Guard

    Mw3 squad

    I'm always down for some CoD, but my work schedule is pretty crazy. Steam: UncrownedGuard Xbox: Uncrowned Guard UNCROWNED#11194
  17. Uncrowned Guard

    Do you remember the first ever PC game you played?

    Empire Earth was both my first PC game and my first multiplayer game.
  18. Uncrowned Guard


    I never got into their use. If a site has too many ads I just use a different site.
  19. Uncrowned Guard

    Nintendo Switch Online

    I never had much motivation to play Nintendo games online. The only multiplayer games I really even enjoy are Mario Party, Smash, and Kart, but I only enjoy them with friends and never had the urge to play them online. Granted, I don't have a Switch right now and my Xbox/PC fills the online...
  20. Uncrowned Guard

    Browser games?

    RuneScape was my favorite browser game, but not it seems to be only available by download. Adventurer Quest was also a fun game back in the day, I believe they are still around, but no idea if they are a browser game still. There was an old text based game I used to play before RuneScape a...