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    This is amazing.

    [video=youtube] really respect this kid. Any human, of any age should watch this.
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    subscribe to my youtube channel

    Youtube says and I quote "This channel is not available at the moment. Please try again later.".
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    What CS:GO rank are you?

    I'm getting it for Christmas so I'll play then!
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    I'm 15!

    Turned 15 today. You can see at the bottom of the index page :D. Happy Birthday to me!
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    If you could have any badge, what would it be? I think Graphics God looks the best, then OMNIVORA, then Christmas Tree 2015, then V.I.P and then First Day. Your opinions?
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    If you could change gender would you?

    I wouldn't.
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    Does anyone else watch Breaking Bad?

    It's insanely good. If you have Netflix you can watch it. If you don't search 'Breaking Bad season 1 episode 1' and watch it out
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    Ultimate CPA & SEO Guide
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    How old are you?

    I'm 14!
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    Does anyone else watch Breaking Bad?

    Have you finish all of the eps
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    Stuck in DMG

    Might be getting this for Christmas....
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    Christmas, yay!

    I have found it!
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    Does anyone else watch Breaking Bad?

    I don't like it... I love it!
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    Uploaded an avatar.

    Looks cool, I have made one too!
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    Hello diverse forums

    This is my opening thread and I just want to say hi! I will mainly be in the lounge and Marketplace. I am quite chilled so eh. Hope we can become friends!
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    Uploaded an avatar.

    You should post it as so we get a better view. It looks quite cool from what I can see!!!