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  1. Shortie

    Do You Watch Cartoons?

    When I was a kid, I used to watch a lot of cartoons and would often watch Cartoon Network and cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory and so many more. I can still watch cartoons today that I used to watch as they are quite interesting and fun to watch.
  2. Shortie

    Favorite mobile browser?

    I have recently started using Opera GX on my mobile and I am loving it so far. It allows me to have access to everything I would have on my PC using Opera GX but on my phone making it possible for me to do things even when I am out of the house and away from my laptop.
  3. Shortie

    What do you think about Justien Bieber?

    I wouldn't say that I am a huge fan of Justin Bieber but I have listened to his music a few times and it's not too bad. I will admit that I do feel Justin himself as he got older got a little bit too much and thought he was better than others which is never something I like to see in someone...
  4. Shortie

    Bad music

    The only genres of music I would say are bad would be heavy metal and heavy rock. I have listened to these in the past and at least for me, they don't sound like music but more like noise and shouting which is something I would not class as being music.
  5. Shortie

    Do you guys use social media to rank websites?

    I need to get using social media more for my sites as I know that it can help with ranking your website a lot. For me, it's getting into the habit of doing that regularly so I do need to start working on that more.
  6. Shortie

    Premium forum software?

    Paid forum software is for sure not necessary when starting a forum but it is something you can work towards if your forum takes off and you see it being a success. I would always suggest to someone who is starting a forum to start with free software first and then move up to paid if the forum...
  7. Shortie

    Do you buy Nintendo Online?

    That is always a wise choice. I know the family plan for a year which I get myself for me and my kids (5 of us in total) costs me about £20 for the year which is not bad at all. Sometimes you can find it cheaper at places like CD Keys which is even better.
  8. Shortie

    Do you ever spend money on skins?

    I have been known to spend money on skins in games, yes. One of the games I tend to do this if I see a skin I like and I know I would use it is Fortnite. I believe the last skin I bought was part of a level-up pack in Fortnite and it was a Lynx skin. I always love the cat-themed skins.
  9. Shortie

    Humble Bundle?

    I have used Humble Bundle in the past and I am a Humble Bundle partner but due to having to move from live streaming and creating video game content due to my work, I don't tend to use it as much as I was doing. It is great to pick up some good games for a small fee though.
  10. Shortie

    Controller Vs. Keyboard and Mouse

    It depends on the game I am playing as to whether I use a keyboard and mouse or a controller. For First-person shooter games and any other kind of shooting games, I tend to prefer a controller and for point-and-click games, it has to be a keyboard and mouse.
  11. Shortie

    Anyone playing Halo Infinite?

    I started playing Halo Infinite when it was first released back in 2021 but will admit, after playing for a few days after release, I have not gone back to it since, mainly because I don't have as much time now to play games like I used to. Has anyone played Halo Infinite recently? How are you...
  12. Shortie

    Do you get mad easily when you game?

    I wouldn't say that I get mad when playing games easily, I have been known to get frustrated at some things that happen in the games I play but nothing to the point of where I would get really mad. Usually if I feel a game is starting to get to me, I will walk away for a little and come back...
  13. Shortie

    Do you think it's ever too old to be a gamer?

    I am someone who believes you are never too old to be a gamer. I have been a gamer myself since I was around 3 years old, if not a little younger and even now at the age of 37, I am still playing video games and games on my phone. Playing games is a great way to relax, take your mind off...
  14. Shortie

    How old are you?

    I am at the moment 37 years old and will be turning 38 in May. It's quite shocking how fast time flies! Sometimes I feel older than I am which is annoying.
  15. Shortie

    Do you like children?

    I do like children, some I will admit can be a little too much but kids can be like that and it's all part of growing up. I have 4 children myself, two of which are now adults and two which are a few years away from being adults.
  16. Shortie

    Facebook or Twitter

    If you had of asked me years ago which I preferred I would have said Facebook as I used to use that a lot. Nowadays I would have to say Twitter as I tend to use that a lot more now and prefer it to Facebook.
  17. Shortie

    Do you wash your hands regularly?

    I was always someone who never liked to feel like my hands were unclean and I was always strict when it came to washing my hands after using the bathroom or even before eating. I find I am still like that now even after the pandemic but during the pandemic, I did find I was washing my hands...
  18. Shortie

    Do you like wearing socks?

    As a kid, I always used to wear fluffy slipper socks as they were called back then to bed. Since getting older though, I find I can't wear socks anymore like I used to when I go to bed and I find if it is quite cold and my feet are cold, a hot water bottle helps with that.
  19. Shortie

    Do you use 12 hours or 24 hours format?

    When I was younger, I much preferred the 12-hour format but I feel that was because it was easier for me in the long run to be able to tell the time without issue when I was young. Over the years I learned how to tell the time in 24 hours and now I can't go back to the 12-hour format as it...
  20. Shortie

    Nintendo Switch Online

    I have in the past purchased the family plan for Nintendo Switch which is an affordable price and it allows not only me but also my 4 children to have access on their accounts as well making it affordable. At the moment we are in need of new joy-cons so for now, I have not purchased another...