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  1. Spartan


    Anyone playing the recently release PalWorld? It’s a survival Minecraft mixed with Pokémon. So far I’m liking it the pals can be used to fight other pals or work on your base. I haven’t gotten to far into yet but I’m definitely invested. It’s also free on gamepass!
  2. Spartan

    Freezing temperatures

    Anyone else having -15+ temperature and for the next week? Brutal out here -30 wind chills. One of the barns the water is frozen at work, lots of electric problems. Gonna be a roughy next week. Roads have been crappy from a lot of snow but the freezing temperatures is turning roads into ice...
  3. Spartan

    Can Ronaldo get back in Europe?

    I think so, I think Saudi Arabia was his retirement check money play, probably do as Brady and play it on a year by year basis after that but back at home
  4. Spartan

    Do you use VPN?

    Been seeing a lot of articles about a couple states not having access to pornhub, wonder how vpn sales are doing in those states
  5. Spartan

    How long do you game every day?

    I’m playing a couple hours in work days and 3-12 hours on non work days maybe
  6. Spartan

    Hello, all.

    Welcome Mr Henry, the PlayStation is a beautiful console I have many memories with my self!
  7. Spartan

    Can you manage a club?

    I don’t think I would. I know it’s a lot of work and can be difficult to make hard decisions. I do enjoy Football manager, and franchise mode in sports games. Give you insight to how much work managing a team really is
  8. Spartan

    What are you currently listening to?

    Been loving this new Jessie Murph album!
  9. Spartan

    Anyone still plays on the DS?

    i only played cod on my ds so I didn’t really get a lot of fun outta of it. I was big into my psp for handheld gaming around that time.
  10. Spartan

    MW3 Shipmas & hangover

    How you guys liking the Christmas themed maps this year? I hope we get to see Christmas Crash map again I always loved that map! Shipment is my favorite of the current two I love the sky on it!
  11. Spartan

    Xbox yearly highlights

    You guys can get some of your stats from feel free to share you results below!
  12. Spartan

    Android or iOS?

    Yeah the I’ve only gotten the newest model once because I had broke my screen and back after I took my case off, but the old one was still plenty fast and had much life. Oh Yeah I forgot about the SE. And I agree trade ins are nice, but sometimes you can get more off of marketplace if it’s only...
  13. Spartan

    Binding of Isaac collaboration a possibility?

    The creator of 'The Binding of Isaac' would love to do a Fortnite crossover, given Fortnite and epic’s willingness to do crossovers do you think this is something we we’ll see in the future? If so what do you think it’ll be? A battle pass skin, or maybe a whole store combo, or even a game mode...
  14. Spartan

    Android or iOS?

    I’ve always my phone on the monthly payments, it doesn’t add up to much more then paying cash and they just put it on the bill so for me I’m just used to having a higher phone bill. I think they should bring back iPhone c model it was a cheaper entry into iPhones iirc
  15. Spartan

    Android or iOS?

    Yeah apple being locked to its own ecosystem is a blessing and a curse. And yeah the hefty price tag has always been my biggest issue, but I normally just pay it off monthly on my bill, it’s paid off in two years and I can’t justify upgrade before that really. My mom ends up using my old phones...
  16. Spartan

    Have you ever made money with your graphics skills?

    I made a little bit on forums when I was like 13-15 after that it was more just personal stuff I made. I did make some YouTube tutorials for a little bit but didn’t make money from that.
  17. Spartan


    Welcome to Gaming Cave Grungie! Hope you enjoy the Cave!
  18. Spartan

    MW3 Season 1

    Anyone been playing yet? I’m pissed, got home yesterday and the game wasn’t updating so I had to reinstall 200+ gbs on my crappy internet, maybe can play by noon today I hope. Going grind multiplayer all day maybe some warzone if any friends get on later.
  19. Spartan

    Android or iOS?

    I’ll probably stick with iPhone for quite a while. I don’t use my phone for anything really besides some games, social media, streaming, and music, and Apples family plan subscription gives me access to a lot of content and is fast and easy to use.
  20. Spartan

    How often do you make in-game purchases on mobile games?

    I don’t buy any in game purchases on mobile, i do buy the apple family plan that’s come with the mobile arcade. So I do “pay” for some of the games I use on my phone.