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Anyone into CPA? - Vibe - 05-10-2014

Is anyone into CPA? I use to beinto it I'm thinking about starting again.

RE: Anyone into CPA? - iTunes - 05-11-2014

What's a good network to start with?

RE: Anyone into CPA? - Vibe - 05-11-2014

MaxBounty is the network I’m using mostly now for CPA, it’s very good network lots of high paying offers 50$+ each 😋
CPA Grip is what I use to use few years ago it’s still a great network and easy to get accepted into!

RE: Anyone into CPA? - Ray - 05-11-2014

I tried getting into CPA/PPD but it was too hard.

RE: Anyone into CPA? - Vibe - 05-11-2014

It's easy once oyu have a couple of good niche set up I was at the point where I just had to run a few programs to get video views as my only daily work but I was only making 200 a month

RE: Anyone into CPA? - Vibe - 05-14-2014

Just set up a very sautarted niche and I've gotten 7 leads so far

RE: Anyone into CPA? - Hound - 09-05-2014

I have tried CPA before, but never really got into it. I think I earned $3, but my niche wasn't very good.
I tried monetizing it using YouTube, but my videos were badly recorded and I didn't really try too hard.
I don't really feel like getting into it anytime soon though, because most of the niches you find nowadays are blackhat and I'd rather do something else.

RE: Anyone into CPA? - Vibe - 10-29-2014

A good Idea to rank videos and sites, are to make Facebook pages, and post comments on relevant pages, status and pictures. Facebook and twitter are becoming huge ways to gain traffic.

RE: Anyone into CPA? - Vibe - 09-07-2020

Recently I’ve been accepted into MaxBounty looking through some of the awesome offers they offer tonight and hitting the drawing board to get my first lead on this cpa network.