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Headphones or earphones? - Keranov - 03-31-2019

Do you prefer to use earphones over headphones to play video games? If so, what are the reasons for that? Have you always been using earphones for gaming?

Perosnally, I can't stand earphones at first. They always get out and I find them very uncomfortable. Also, the quality ones are much more expensive compared to headphones.

RE: Headphones or earphones? - Vibe - 09-07-2020

I prefer over the ear HeadPhones when I play video games. They cancel sound out better and allow me to better pinpoint enemy footsteps, shoots, and other audible give aways. I current use a Logitech G433 I love the color however i need to replace a wire already as I bent the prong while gaming. So it doesn’t stay in properly properly anymore and cause voice chat to not work sometimes, and on rare occasion no audio at all.