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Xbox Series S Leaked 299$ - Vibe - 09-08-2020

According to this leak the cheaper next generation Xbox console, The Xbox Series S is going to launch at 299

I’m personally going to be opting for the series X but I feel this is going to change a lot of people’s mind. Those who were on the fences about next gen may also dive into the S s the price is really attractive.
The system appears not to have a disc drive, as well as a circular vent up top, but here it’s colored black to stand out more.
“will also be available as part of a $25 per month Xbox All Access plan that’ll include Xbox Live and Game Pass. The Series X, meanwhile, is said to be $499 at retail or $35 a month. Both consoles will reportedly launch on November 10th.”

[Image: Screen_Shot_2020_09_08_at_11.48.43.0.png]