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Last Movie?

The Last movie I watched was Lucy in theaters. I really liked it.

Here's a Template:

Last movie you watched:
What Did you like about it:
What would you rate it out of 10:

Last movie you watched: Edge Of Tomorrow
What Did you like about it: I liked the fact In which there Is a higher set of intelligence in which is bent on destroying the earth, yet one guy happens to have the ability in which when he dies the clock is reset (only him and the aliens know what happened ; causing the ending to be pretty shocking)
What would you rate it out of 10: 9

I just re-watched Tommy Boy on Netflix a couple of days ago. I forgot how funny David Spade and Chris Farley were together. I think Farley should've dropped the fat guy slapstick. He was hilarious when he spoke and did the angry bit. The last new(er) movie I watched was San Andreas. That was kind of disappointing. It was your basic disaster movie. I hated that I could predict everything that was going to happen.

I just watched Hotel Transylvania 2 with my niece and nephews over the weekend.
I've seen the first one and adored it, this one definitely was not disappointing. It's adorable and I think it teaches a good lesson to children to just be yourself, and that the best you was always the real you.

I just watched a couple movies last sunday, Paper planes and Max being a couple of them. Both of them were great movies and stood out to me more so then San address Fault. I wish paper planes was longer, I'll admit I didn't read the book is the title never really caught my eye, but after seeing the trailer and such I went out and bought it, and I'm glad I did.
I might have to go get the book because I heard the ending is different and wouldn't mind reading about that.

Max was also an amazing movie, A movie with a some great messages, and some light comedy, made for an awesome watch!
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I watched 'My Neighbor Totoro' a couple days ago,
it's too bad Studio Ghibli closed

(12-16-2015, 04:13 PM)Mirai Kuriyama Wrote: I watched 'My Neighbor Totoro' a couple days ago,
it's too bad Studio Ghibli closed
Seen that a few years ago. What a peaceful movie! It was adorable, though.
I had no idea that the studio closed, I'm shocked!
I knew that Miyazaki was retired, but there was still his son... A shame, even though I always found Ghibli a little bit overrated.

The last movie I've seen was Pretty Woman. Didn't really like it, but at least now I'm entitled to judge it, lol.

The last movie I watched was "Sorority Row." It attracted mine and my friend's attention because we were laughing at how similar it looked to Pretty Little Liars. Even one of the actors in Pretty Little Liars ended up being in the movie. Not gonna lie, the movie wasn't terrible, but it was definitely a pretty boring, cliche slasher film.

Last movie I watched was Brick, directed by Rian Johnson. I wanted to watch it because I was interested in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performances in his past as opposed to his recent performances in movies like Looper and Inception. It's a masterpiece, really. It might not be for everyone, in fact when I first watched it, I stopped 10 minutes into the movie. I picked it up recently and watched it again and it was just so good. The world that they were in was some sort of noir, mystery filled world and it could have been corny, for people who watched it this makes sense, but overall, every single actor played their part to a tee. As much as I loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this film, this film really encapsulated me in terms of just pure brilliance.

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