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Laptop or Desktop

Do you use a dekstop PC or a laptop to play the games on the computer? Which do you preffer?

I prefer desktop over a laptop for gaming any day. I prefer desktop as it is more comfortable to use mouse or keyboard to move the cursor on the screen. Also, I do not think it is easy to use touchpad on the laptop for playing PC games, although I have never tried it. I have also heard that the touchpad gets spoilt after using it for gaming after some years. However, this problem is not seen in case of using the mouse.

I'm a mobile user but I prefer laptops.
Mobility is key!

I'm not really much of a laptop or pc gaming, But I use a laptop for my internet activities!
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I enjoy using my phone to browser the web

Desktop ftw man x)

I use a laptop and it works pretty well, I plan to get a desktop soon enough.

I would have to choose destop but it was hard to choose because i like to travel a lot and its hard to take a destop round and setup and stuff but i love them more due to easier gameplay and stuff like that. But yeh i would choose destop

I use a laptop. Don't game on it though as it's not powerful enough for that.
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I use a laptop, but am working on a desktop build currently Smile

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