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If you could be any Gaming Character who would you be?

I personally find Michael the least out of the three.

Trevor -> Franklin -> Michael
[Image: Jf7LXhH.png]

Its more


Franklin is pretty much the main main character.

Honestly, I think I would be Abe, From Abes Oddesy. That little creature was insane.

I would be the courier from fallout: new vegas. An unknown legend travelling through the ruins of his land. Killing every monster that moves, picking up companions from far away lands. Getting chased by the NCR and Caesar's legion across the world. All due to someone stealing your platinum chip!

I like hamz's answer Tongue The courier from Fallout is awesome. Other than that; Jill Valentine or Claire Redfield from Resident Evil, or Lilith from Borderlands.
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(05-01-2014, 10:15 PM)vdub Wrote: Honestly, I think I would be Abe, From Abes Oddesy. That little creature was insane.
Haha this made me laugh out loud. Abe is fantastic, and what a great game, but wanting to be a little telekinetic guy who's whole life revolves around rescuing your slave friends and dying repeatedly in the process doesn't sound like fun!

For me, I think I'd want to be Leisure Suit Larry. That guy was living the dream Smile

I'd be Toad from the Mario franchise.
However, if this is for Xbox 360 games, I'd be Master Chief, obviously.

I would be the spartan from halo he seems like the best choice Smile

I'd be the Dragonborn from Skyrim!

Revolver Ocelot, from the Metal Gear series. That dude got to betray just about every person on the planet in his lifetime. He also got away with dressing like a cowboy and not looking silly, which isn't something most people can say. And that moustache? Class act, all the way.

Could perhaps do without the whole haunted hand thing.

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