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Have you ever listened to Taylor Swift?

When Love Story first came up, I completely fell in love with her and her songs as I could relate very well with the songs. However, most of her songs were almost the same kind and I got bored of them. I sometimes enjoy listening to her songs as they are about teenagers otherwise I could not care less about them. Do you ever listen to Taylor Swift?

I don't personally listen to her, but my girlfriend does and shes really popular on the radio. I don't mind her as much as some of the other female artist. But shes not someone listen to by my self.
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Heard one of her songs. Horrid singing tbh. And the songs leave a lot to be desired.
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I think she has a good voice and she seems like a cool person, but I don't listen to her. Maybe it's just that she's too focused on the love genre and most of her songs are about her ex-boyfriends (which are many, actually). But I have heard a few songs of her and I thought they were catchy and she had a nice voice.
I have nothing against her so I will stay neutral.

Taylor Swift is probably my favorite female singer. And I mean that in the manliest (is this even a word?) way possible. I love her song Love Story. The first time I listened to the song, it got stuck in my head for weeks! I think that she has a naturally beautiful voice and her face is so angelic that when she performs, I don't wanna take my eyes off her.

Oh, I don't know why she's been criticized with her love life though... What's up with that?

I would assume it's because she has a lot of failed relationships, how ever most people do. Hers are just on a bigger scale.
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I have listened to her, but she is not really something I like to hear. On the other hand, Rihanna i really good,.

I think she's talented but I have to admit that I am not too fond of her or her music. I do not listen to her. I have to be honest though, when her song "I knew you were trouble" came out, I fell in love with the song. I think she was able to show another side to her I hadn't seen before. She seemed to be more fun in that video, more edgy, more feminine. However, she will never be my favorite artist. For me, something is always missing when it comes to Taylor Swift. I can't put my finger on it, but something is just missing.

I've only listened to the Taylor Swift a couple of times. I haven't really given her a fair listen. From what I've heard on the radio it sounded like pretty typical pop music with a bit of a country twang. Didn't do much for me but perhaps she's worth a more serious, in depth listen.

Yes I listen to quite a few of her somgs. I actually went to her concert when she came to my city, though I got the ticket for free through a friend's brother.

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