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Do you own an Xbox One?

Do you own the Xbox One console? If so, do you think you'd prefer it over the Xbox 360? I personally own the Xbox One, but I'm not quite sure if I'd prefer it over anything else. Yes, the features are awesome, but it's just not the same. It seems like they are transforming Xbox into more of a "media center", which I personally don't like. I think they should stick to gaming, and not worry about those extra features.

I own the Xbox One, I prefer it over everything.
It 2014, I should be able to say xbox watch mtv, and be watching it.
They added a lot of cool stuff.
If you buy a game console to just game now and days your wasting money, you can get so much more out of them.
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Nope, just the 360. No interest in the Xbox One as of yet.
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(08-20-2014, 08:43 PM)turtle Wrote: Nope, just the 360. No interest in the Xbox One as of yet.

Same here, I just don't see me buying the Xbox One for the time being. I'll stick to all the games I have in the 360 and see if I can complete them.

I have always been an Xbox fan. Usually choosing the buy a 360 game over a PS3 game. I was really excited when I first got my Xbox one. But after playing it for a while I was kind of disappointed. I think that Microsoft was too busy trying to make a console that did everything instead of focusing on what most people were going to use it for and that is gaming. Some of the features are great but for someone like me, I don't need to be able to watch TV on my Xbox. I want to game on my Xbox. All those features I think were a waste of space personally. I have actually been playing more PS4 lately, just because I think it's a better system.

I have a 360, and I don't even use it that much so I don't see me buying an Xbox One. For one moment I thought I had one, lol. I forgot I didn't bother upgrading to it. I think I'm just more of a Sony and Nintendo girl.

I own an Xbox One, and I think that it's pretty hard to compare it to the 360. Xbone was generally marketed as a multimedia device more than it was a game station, and I think that the advertising proved true. There's a larger availability of games on the 360 but I think it's just because it needs to age a bit more. I also felt like a lot of "staples" of the system like Halo just didn't hit their mark this time around.

I'm one of the rare people who have never owned an Xbox anything. What are the advantages over the PlayStation consoles?

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