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Breaking Bad

I'm a massive fan of Breaking Bad, and voraciously enjoyed the series from the initial airing of its premier to its finale!

I consider Breaking Bad to be a new high water mark for intense, well acted, high-stakes, and yet also darkly humourous dramatic cable television. This is especially the case for its final slate of eight episodes. (Although the final episode itself was a bit anti-climatic, as everything that happened within it was telegraphed so far in advance!) The third-to-last (pen-penultimate?) episode, entitled Ozymandias, was honestly the only moment in which I actually had to pause my DVR and take a break because I was getting too high strung watching TV!

I've also been thoroughly enjoying the spin-off Better Call Saul as well.  Better Call Saul also manages to achieve that perfect bland of humour and drama that Breaking Bad had, and I'm very much look forward to its future seasons.

I did like it from season 1 through 3, although it still doesn't come close to Game of Thrones.
Season 4 though, was absolutely terrible. Or repetitive, I should say. Pretty much every episode was the same. There would be tiny little things that mattered in the story, but other than that, it stayed the same. Example: (spoilers) Walter goes to the lab and starts being a bitch about the camera, Jesse is throwing away money at his house party, and then Walter goes to confront Jesse about where he's been.

Prison Break used to be my favorite as well, but now Game of Thrones definitely takes the cake. I suggest you try it and get past the first couple episodes, as that's when you start to understand the story a little bit better.

I binge watched all seasons in a few days after being out of town on a work assignment. It is one of the most compelling shows I have ever watched. I won't get to involved with my comments at this point just in case someone is reading that hasn't finished the show yet, but I absolutely loved the ending .

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