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5 things I don't like in GTA Online
So basically, there are some things which really make no sense to make in this game. I will leave a list below with them. If you are playing GTA Online you can say what things you don't like in the game too. Smile

1. Probably the most annoying thing is that Rockstar is trying to stop the griefing while they actually support it. Whenever a person is selling something from their business you get a message to go and destroy the product.

2. The method of resupplying businesses. You need to go all the way to the building to buy the supplies while you have the contacts of people in your phone but you can't call them to purchase the supplies. This would be extremely useful as a feature.

3. The griefers in this game are everywhere. If you are in a full lobby and start to sell your products at least 60% of the player will come after you to just destroy it while they win absolutely nothing for doing so.

4. The kill/death ratio is just not for that game. This made the try-hard players in GTA Online even more try-hard. Killing everyone they see for no reason just to raise their K/D and they think that real players really care about their ratio.

5. And the last thing here is the modder. In the PC version there are tons of modders in the game ruining other players experience. There are some friendly ones but it's rare too see one.

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